Only The Finest Quality Seafood


We only produce high-quality seafood.

We are a small privately owned fish processing plant in Iceland offering only the finest quality seafood products. To achieve this, we meticulously select only the highest quality fish from wild catch and sustainable farming and we never compromise this policy.

Quality over quantity. We employ a dedicated and highly skilled team of passionate seafood professionals, although not a large team by some standards we like to say that what we lack in quantity we more than make up for in quality.

Traceability. We take traceability very seriously and you can have confidence our products are what we say it is and that origin is where we say it is.



As our name Premium of Iceland suggests, we are dedicated to producing only premium quality seafood. Seafood is our love and passion, and we take great pride in selecting each day only the best quality fish for our production and preparing our fish skillfully and methodically to our customer’s orders.

We carefully examine all our fish to make sure we only pack the absolute best possible quality, always. Any fish containing even the smallest defects is rejected and not packed under the PREMIUM ICELAND brand.

We gently cut our fish by hand, and we lay each fillet, portion or loin carefully in its box. We want our customers to have the feeling that they’d just opened a box of chocolates when they open a box of fish from us.

We love making a product that is as close to being perfect as possible, a product to be proud of.